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Prolific Monthly is my top shelf MARKETING & PROMOTIONS NEWSLETTER written EXCLUSIVELY for entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about improving their marketing, writing better copy, and becoming a PROLIFIC promoter online!

Every issue of Prolific Monthly is packed with tips, tools and tactics you need to promote your brand and offers online.

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Promotion is THE difference between being a business success, or a business failure.  It's the ONE THING that makes the BIGGEST difference in audience growth, lead generation, and (most importantly) sales!

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"Prolific Monthly has been a treasure trove of ideas! I got the first issue in the mail and read it from cover to cover and my head nearly exploded. The ideas it generated are golden! Thanks for this, @Shane! I wasn't sure I'd like it in paper form, but I LOVE IT. I really like the calendar. It gives me a monthly road map to success!"

Simone Henry
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Features and Benefits

Monthly Promotional Calendars & To Do Lists!

Every issue of Prolific Monthly includes a calendar that shows you exactly how to promote your products every day of the month! You will never struggle with ideas for marketing your business, again!

Battle Tested Marketing Tips, Tools, & Templates!

Every issue of Prolific Monthly includes tips and tactics for making promoting your content, products and services! From email templates, to done-for-you subject lines, you will know exactly what to say to promote!

Up-to-Date "What's Working Now" Strategies!

Every issue of Prolific Monthly includes articles detailing strategies that are working right now in marketing online! You will stay up-to-date on the best promotion ideas online, and take action with our workbook style content!

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The September issue goes to print Thursday, August 22nd, 2019. You must order by Wednesday, August 21st to receive your issue!